Veteran's United

Veterans United Craft Brewery | Jacksonville, Fl

When retired Naval Flight Officer Ron Gamble’s  was given a home brewing kit by his wife, it sparked a passion for brewing that he would go on to into a unique career.

 Gamble assembled himself what they describe as their “motley group” of military veterans who bonded over their love of craft beer, and formed the Veterans United Craft Brewery.


[divider]Year Founded: 2013[/divider]


Their logo and many of their cans reflect their military background with vintage pinup & aviation imagery.

[divider]Their Mission[/divider]

“We are dedicated to satiating healthy appetites with flavorful beer through the use of fresh, quality ingredients and hope to expand the definition of what beer can be through our hard work and innovation. We also value ideas and technologies that reinforce our social and environmental responsibility to our local community.”


FOUNDER: Ron & Sheryl Gamble BREWMASTER: Ron Gamble  HEAD BREWER: Aaron Taylor 


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