The Oldest Liquor Bottles In The World

These bottles of liquor have survived the test of time. Imagine the stories behind some of these bottles! A few of the bottles are even drinkable! If we missed one, let us know by tagging your photo #CraftSeeker

1.Mid 4th Century Wine.

Found in a vineyard in 1867 inside a Roman stone sarcophagus.

Source: (The Local)


2.Thought to be the oldest dated rum. [1830]

dVieux Rhum Anglais

Source: (io9.Gizmodo)

3.Jamaican Rum Cache [1870-1890]

Source: (Finest & Rarest)

4.Grand Marnier [1830]

Source: (Finest & Rarest)

5.Massandra Sherry de la Frontera [1775]

Source: io9.Gizmodo


6.Rhum Produced On Madagascar [1897]

Source: Finest & Rarest

7.The Oldest Drinkable Champagne Found in 19th Century Shipwreck

8.Oldmoor Lemon Gin (1930) *Very Rare

Source: (Finest & Rarest)

9.Pre-Prohibition Whiskey

Source: (Finest & Rarest)

10.Topaz Whiskey by Jack Daniels Distilling Co (1950)

Source: (Finest & Rarest)

11.Laphroaig Scotch Whiskey (1899)

Laphroaig-1899 (1)

Source: (Finest & Rarest)

12.Mid 19th Century Army & Navy Whiskey (1870-1880)


Source: (Finest & Rarest)

13.Amer Picon (1900)


Source: (Finest & Rarest)

14.Calvado Pays d’Auge Roger Groult (1865)


Source: (Finest & Rarest)

15.Absinthe Pernod Fils (1905)