Taylor Davidson

Bring These Pro Tips to Your Home Bar!

Pro bartenders may be intimidating with their techniques, equipment & skills. But there’s a reason they make it look so easy – they have to work for maximum perfection & efficiency, so those strange implements & techniques may seem weird, but employing a few of them at home can elevate your bartending game 10 fold.

  • Tools are key.

Don’t cripple yourself by trying to stick to what you already have in your kitchen, but don’t overload yourself with so many fancy gadgets your counter top and brain are overwhelmed. There are a few inexpensive bartending tools worth having on hand. Once you’ve gotten the hang of shaking a drink in a Boston shaker and keeping ice at bay with a strainer you will understand the beauty of their simplicity.

  • Bartending is largely about being a good host.

Putting people at ease is the first step to being a good bartender. If you are having more than a couple of people over, you can make a batch of a spirit-only cocktail ahead of time and keep in the fridge, then stir in their glasses with ice. This way you can actually hang out with your guests!

  • Quality over quantity.

Some may get excited when they see a bartender giving large pours. But adding 3 oz of liquor to a drink that calls for 2 will throw off the flavor of your drink. Start with quality liquor (even just 1 bottle!), a few simple, fresh ingredients and your drinks will shine!

These tips will have you whippin’ up drinks like this faster than you know it!!

Bartender Takumi Watanabe :: Source – Giphy