One of the Best Beer Towns in Florida – Dunedin, Florida

Ask someone if they’ve been to Dunedin and most likely you will get a reaction of, “where?”. If the person has been there, however, a happy smile of recognition will never fail to come across their face! In the conversation the person, no matter what walk of life they come from, will say, “they are just the friendliest, most accepting place.”

Dunedin Florida is such a cool place to live! #DowntownDunedin #RandbRealtygroup

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What is it about a town that can make everyone who thinks of it recall it with a smile? A big part of that great atmosphere is Dunedin’s rich Scottish history, its tight knit, vibrant downtown area which runs right up to Edgewater Park, Dunedin Marina and the Gulf of Mexico. People know each other, and support for local businesses is strong with a multitude of festivals.

The Highland Games are one of the lively festivals held throughout the year.
The Highland Games are one of the lively festivals held throughout the year. But don’t be surprised to see people in kilts on just your average weekday.

Not only is it the closest thing to a seaside Star’s Hollow, Dunedin is home to some of the oldest, best and most vibrant breweries in North America.

Here at Craft Seeker we will definitely be doing more features & bringing you more inside details on this lovely little town. But for now check out the 3 breweries in the downtown Dunedin area. You can park your car in one spot and comfortably walk to all 3. Or you can buy a pass on the Jolly Trolley, and hit the best spots from Tarpon Springs, Dunedin, and watch the sunset on Clearwater Beach and let the trolley driver be your designated driver for the day.

Dunedin Brewery

The oldest craft brewery in Florida! With live music and an atmosphere like you’ve entered a Hobbit tavern, even first timers will feel at home. Their pitchers of Apricot Peach ale are perfect for sharing with a few friends.

7venth Sun Brewery

7venth Sun is a special little brewery with a focus on Belgian style beers you will be thinking about days after drinking them.

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Yes, that’s really the color of one of their Berliner Weiss ales!

House of Beer

Dunedin house of beer is a quiet (well, sometimes) spot with knowledgeable bartenders & their own brew made on site. Order a beer & some of the crack local beef jerky they have behind the counter and wonder where the hours went!

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5 minutes drive from downtown is Honeymoon Island and not far off the coast, the unbridged Caladesi Island. Rent a kayak and make the 45-minute paddle, or grab the ferry which is wheelchair accessible.

Have you been to Dunedin? What’s your favorite spot?