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Honey Straight From The Tap

If you have ever wanted to harvest your own honey but thought the task to be too daunting, then this invention is for you. The FlowHive makes extracting the honey a much simpler process for beekeepers and much less stressful for the bees. You still will need some knowledge of beekeeping before using this system, but you will be able to turn the tap to fill your jars full of wild honey once the system is up and running.

FlowHive currently holds the title for the Most Successful Indiegogo campaign, raising over $4 Million dollars! Now that bees have been placed on the endangered species list in the U.S, it is a great time to pick up the hobby of beekeeping, help save the bees from extinction and get the sweet reward of delicious organic honey. ?


A photo posted by Flow™ Hive (@flowhive) on

A photo posted by Flow™ Hive (@flowhive) on

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