The Best Pickles….Ever

The title of this blog is no exaggeration, at least in my personal opinion. Growing up, I was never really a fan of pickles. Whenever I looked in the fridge for a salty snack I never had the urge to go for the 5 year old jar of Kosher pickles that was abandoned to the back of the fridge.

However, this all changed when I was attending a private party at my friend’s design studio, These Quiet Sounds, when I decided to try some pickles that were catered by a local company called The Chill Dill.

When I bit into the first pickle I instantly noticed a difference in the crunchiness, and the flavor was a mix of salty, spicy, and fresh cucumber (I tried the Habenero mix!). The heat from the peppers was not overwhelming and gave the pickles a nice kick. But the freshness was really different than any other pickle I’ve ever tried and now I am a pickle elitist lol. All of the pickles are hand cut, hand packed and made in small batches using lots of local ingredients. My favorites are the Seriously Spicy and Gnarly Garlic. The Kickin Carrots were a nice addition as well. The whole selection of pickled goods paired really well with the local IPA beer I was sipping on and I highly recommend picking up some for your next party! Your party goers will thank you.

The brine is so good that babies drink it straight!

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& many local restaurants/bars buy it for their whiskey pickle back shots.

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Another great thing is that you can place your order online and they will ship directly to your front door.
If you order some, send us a pic on any of our Social Media accounts using #CraftSeeker and let us know what you think!