10 Fall Harvest Foods You Can Make Awesome

These foods are naturally in season during fall, which varies in some locations, and these people are getting creative with these classic ingredients.

1.Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a tasty and healthy fall treat which contains  complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber and beta-carotene. You can make a variety of tasty snacks such as sweet potato fries, sweet potato soup, or you can spice up your breakfast with a side sweet potato with your oatmeal. (Below)


There are so many things you can make with fresh blackberries such as jams, tarts, donuts, cocktails, simple syrups and more. The blackberry tart below looks amazing! ?

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Did you know that you can also eat the leafy greens from the beetroot plant? Researchers have also found that beets also help reduce blood pressure and may have effects on the mechanisms of cardiovascular disease. You can use them in a variety recipes such as pickled beets, beet soup, or beet pasta like the recipe shown below.

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Pick up some fresh pears for a healthy on the go snack or take a little extra time to make a delicious treat such as a pear tart or pear cake!

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Pumpkins have been commonly used in many dessert recipes such as pumpkin pancakes or pumpkin macrons but you can also make some great savory meals such as the pumpkin ravioli below. Brewers also love to add it their fall seasonal beers! ?

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