Saucey is an app that allows you to order your alcoholic beverage of choice and have it delivered to your home within 1-hour. This is a perfect service for when you are running low on booze during your party and want to safely restock without the worry of driving intoxicated. What makes Saucey stand apart from it’s many competitors is that Saucey takes control of all the delivery logistics, from taking the order to providing the curriers. This also opens up job opportunities in participating cities for those looking to deliver the booze. The job structure is very similar to being an Uber driver. You choose when you want to work!

Currently Saucey’s services are limited to Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, & Chicago but are looking to expand their horizons quickly.

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3 cheers to the end of the workweek. Time for a cocktail ? #SauceyApp

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