Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

If you are looking for a great gift idea for the person in your life that loves coffee, then we have you covered. We searched the web and found a few good coffee inspired products that are sure to please.

1.Starbucks Iced Coffee Candle

This handmade soy wax candle will have your home or office smelling like fresh roasted coffee. It has a burn time of about 50-60 hours and is made from a recycled Starbucks bottle.

2. Coffee Club Subscription

This coffee club is pretty cool. You no longer have to drink the same coffee everyday. With Moustache Coffee club, you get a new bag of fresh roasted coffee delivered right to your door. They source their coffee bean from single origin suppliers and is fair trade.


3. Organic Coffee Soap

This handmade soap is another great gift idea for those who love to bring the aroma of fresh roasted coffee with them no matter where they go. It is handmade, organic and vegan and it only cost five bucks!

4. Coffee Bean Necklace

Sterling silver coffee bean necklace for coffee lovers. All components are sterling silver. It is the same size as a real life coffee bean. Made of SOLID STERLING SILVER not hallow, yet lightweight and simple it’s the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Price is for one Necklace, you can choose small or bigger one.


5. Brew: Better Coffee At Home Book

In this approachable guidebook, author and coffee expert Brian W. Jones demystifies specialty coffee’s complexities, teaches you how to buy the best beans and brewing equipment, offers in-depth primers for mastering various slow-coffee techniques (including pour over, French press and moka pot), and supplies you with dozens of recipes for invigorating coffee-based drinks and cocktails. Brew isn’t a book for coffee professionals, but rather an indispensable and accessible guide for any specialty-coffee lover who wants to make better coffee at home.

6. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

With this awesome machine, you can make delicious cold brew at home. You can really rack up the savings with this and not feel so guilty for drinking so much cold brew.?


7. Coffee Coloring Book

A great way to relax with your cup of coffee.

8. E=MC2 Shirt

Nuff said!