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Sam Adams Founder Talks About Craft Beer Labeling

Did you know that some of the most popular “craft” beers are now owned by larger companies such as Anhiesher-Busch Inbev and they are not labeling it? Some think that it is not a big deal and ask “why does it matter?”

In our opinion here at, it is important because when someone makes an informed decision to buy a “craft beer”, their reasoning for buying may be to support the smaller brewers and to ensure the use of quality ingredients in their recipes. Also to protect the surge of creativity that is the foundation of the craft beer industry.

We are curious to hear your opinion on the subject. Do you think that huge beer companies that buy up smaller craft beer companies, should they label the beer as owned by the parent company such Anhiesher-Busch Inbev

Some of the beers mentioned were Goose Island IPA, Vanilla Porter, Terrapin, and more. Let us know your thoughts in the comments or tweet us!

Some of the “Craft” Beer Brands Mentioned