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This DIY Seed Packet Is The Perfect Gift For Plant Lovers

Sharing seeds is a really fun part of gardening. When you pass them on you know your friend will have a little piece of your garden ?.  Most seed packets come with more seeds than I can use, and plants in my garden make seeds too, so I like to send them on their way with fellow plant lovers.

There’s lots of info the plant’s new parent will need, and they may kill the seed without it! But I keep the original seed envelopes, so I made a cute little packet I can put the seeds in & write the info on the outside to give away.

All you need:

1. Seeds

2. Paper bag

3. Pen

4. Tape

Step 1: Add the seeds to the bag.

Step 2: Fold the bag and tape it shut.

Step 3: Write the important information

The planting info from the seed packet (or your head, if you’re sharing seeds from your own plant) is what you want to include.

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