Superfoods To Beat The Blues

Whether you are having a crummy week, a bad day, seasonal depression or depressions, here are some foods that curiously help in raising your blues level.

Bad days happen. Source:

Scientists have coined the most current collection of happiness-inducing superfoods with the acronym G-BOMBS (“Green Beans Onions Mushrooms Berries and Seeds).

There are around 100 superfoods currently rumored to be in circulation, and they change daily. For a current pyramid of what to eat everyday to remain super, look at the awesome guide here. Be advised that superfood-mania has daily changes and additions based on our current fads and planetary motions.

This article, however, will focus on good-mood food.

  • Note: These foods are not meant to diagnose or professionally treat clinical depression, only to help alleviate symptoms of depressive moods. Any professional diagnosis will have to be made by a doctor!

Let’s get ready!