Superfoods To Beat The Blues

2. Avocados

Fun fact: An avocado is not a vegetable, although it camouflages as one.

Numerous avocado activists argue over whether avocados are fruits, vegetables, nuts, or mammals (technically not the last one). An avocado is a fruit, or more correctly, a single-seeded berry.

Avocados contain mono-saturated fat in the form of oleic acid, 4 grams of protein, vitamin K, vitamin B9, B6, and B5, vitamin C, and vitamin E12. Not to mention low sugar and high dietary fiber, which all help in creating a good balance of moods.
Also, after you’ve lightened your mood, you can put your happiness-inducing avocado on your face for a nice mask to scare off the neighbors. You might break out a little, but it’s good for your skin. Yes for 2-in-1 shopping.