Maple Cask Whiskey + Maraschino Cherries

This is a simple drink that has lots of flavor. We used Hudson’s Maple Cask Rye and put it on the rocks. We then added two Luxardo maraschino cherries & mixed. Vola, it is that simple. Feel free to add as many or as little cherries as you want.

[divider]Hudson Maple Cask Rye[/divider]

Hudson Whiskey sends used barrels to Woods Syrup, a maple syrup producer in Vermont that ages syrup in the barrels, decants them, then sends them back to Tuthilltown. At that point they finish off a small selection of rye in the used casks. The result is a sultry, slightly decadent spirit that never loses its rye character.

(Video edited by Daniel Schulman)