Inside St Petersburg Distillery

We took a tour of St Petersburg Distillery facilities to learn how they make the award winning craft spirits that they have become known for. When Jesse and I arrived at the distillery we were greeted by Frank the Production Manager, who showed us around the distillery.

We started the tour in the bottling facility where their crew was busy at work washing & drying bottles before being filled with their artisan vodka. Frank informed us that the bottles must be dried completely because even the smallest trace of water could offset the alcohols proof. Therefore the bottles are dried using a state-of-the-art drying machine. After the bottles are filled with the spirit of their choice, it continues down the line to the labeling machine and then quality control. Once at the quality control station, the bottles are then hand inspected for quality before being packaged and shipped.


After checking out the bottling facility we made our way over to meet the Master Distiller and his apprentice. They were busy filling 15-gallon white american oak barrels with fresh whiskey. They were nice enough to let Jesse and I try some of the un-aged whiskey before being barreled and aged for the next 7 years. I was really surprised by how smooth and sweet the un-aged whiskey was even though it was a higher proof than what you can get at a store!

whiskey, barrel aged, st petersburg distillery
Master Distiller & Apprentice busy at work barreling whiskey.

We also learned that they still use vintage copper pot stills that were handmade in the early 1930’s which ensures that each small-batch spirit is the right way.

We ended our tour in the office overlooking the distillery. There we were able to sample their full lineup of spirits including their Old St Pete line & Royal Honey Mead.?



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