5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Instant Coffee

Contrary to what you might think, instant coffee is made from real coffee. But we all know it is far from a real cup of coffee.  Here are a few interesting facts about its origin and rise to popularity.

1. The first version was said to be invented around 1771, in Britian. In 1890 David Strang invented and patented instant coffee.

strangs instant coffee
A can of Strangs Soluble Coffee

2. 1930- Nestlé’s chairman was approached by the Brazilian Coffee Institute and asked to develop coffee that was soluble in hot water and retained its flavor.

nescafe, coffee, instant coffee

3.  It became very popular during WWI & WWII. It provided a way for soldiers to get a quick caffeine boost on the battlefield.

nescafe, instant coffee, 1945

4. You can use instant coffee powder in various recipes ranging from cappuccino cheesecake to coffee rubbed grilled pork.

cheesecake, instant coffee
Frozen Mocha Cheesecake
Source: Pinterest