Did you know that Starbucks burns their coffee beans in an effort to achieve a more consistent flavor?  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but you will miss an array of flavors that coffee has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Starbucks, but you need to try properly roasted coffee, at least once.

So in my quest to learn more, I reached out to a friend, Gary Lauters II, a world-renowned coffee roaster, to see if I could sit in during the roasting process at his coffee shop, Black Gold Coffee Roasters.

Of course I asked if I could film and take some photos.  I had some help filming from my lovely girlfriend Jesse Sage and my good friend Daniel Schulman.

Below is a picture of some fresh coffee beans that are about to be roasted.

coffee, coffee beans, coffee roasting, black gold coffee roasters

Fresh coffee beans waiting to be roasted.  |  ? Kris Holman Photography

The coffee beans are roasted in a state of the art roaster made by San Franciscan Roasters Co, which roasts the beans to perfection. ☕️

the san franciscan roaster, coffee roaster, coffee, roaster, black gold coffee roasters

Custom-made roaster by The San Franciscan Roaster Co |   ? Kris Holman Photography

Roasted coffee beans | ? Kris Holman Photography

Each year, Gary travels to Costa Rica and various coffee farms around the world, meeting the coffee farmers and checking the quality of his coffee beans. Giving back to the farmers is central to the operations at Black Gold Coffee Roaster. When purchasing coffee beans, Black Gold not only pays fair wages for their coffee beans but only purchases from farms that have environmentally-friendly practices. Check out some of the pictures Gary shared with us from his recent trip to Costa Rica.

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