5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Craft Beer + Live Art Event!

JDubs Brewing Company in collaboration with artist Richie Brasil will be hosting All City SRQ, a craft beer & live art event this Saturday. There will  a special bottle release of Satchmo Blu that includes a print . There is a limited amount of 50 bottles & prints, so claim yours quickly! This is no ordinary beer btw. It is a purplish/blue sour saison that was brewed with Butterfly Pea Tea! If that is not enough of a reason to go then check out our list below!


1. It’s a Purple/Blue Sour Saison!!

The Sour Saison is brewed with Butterfly Pea Tea to give the beer its funky purple hue! What the heck is a Butterfly Pea? Just click play to see it in action!

 (Only 50 bottles)

2. You can sip beer and watch some great graffiti artists!


3. There will be a public wall so you can try your hand at graffiti!

4. The labels are dope! Each is unique & together the 50 labels make up the original print.


5. Aside from it being fun, you will be supporting Florida artists!

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