JDubs Brewing Company is rolling out their new can designs for their popular beers Up Top! IPA & Poolside Kölsch. The new designs reflect the brands meaning and current standing in the market. The cans have evolved from putting the companies core values of Quality, Innovation and Culture to what the brand truly represents, living the life you love and following your dream. Plans are underway to refresh Passion Wheat and Bell Cow Milk Chocolate porter cans as well. Expect to see the new UpTop! IPA and Poolside cans on shelves near you within the month.

As we grow and evolve, it’s important to look not just to the future for ways to innovate and stay relevant, but also at what we are currently doing and make sure nothing about the brand is stagnant.                                – Owner, Jeremy Joerger

Up Top! IPA

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Poolside Kölsch


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