A Vegetarian’s Guide To Eating Fast-Food

Source: Taco Bell Facebook page

For my fellow vegetarians out there, eating at fast-food chains just got a little easier. Many fast-food corporations are starting to expand their vegetarian menu; allowing vegetarians to have more options when they need food on the go. Despite false belief, being a vegetarian can be easy, cheap, and delicious. 

1. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a vegetarians’s fast-food haven. We’re used to ordering sides and Taco Bell has some seriously good ones. Their menu is also completely customizable and includes items like cheese quesadillas, the cheesy rice and bean burrito, 7-layer burrito, black beans and rice, spicy tostada, cheesy roll-up, pinto beans and cheese, and more. You can also substitute beans or potatoes to any item instead of meat and all their beans are vegan! Another tip for vegans: you can “make it fresco,” which will replace cheese with pico de gallo. Taco Bell has a  vegetarian menu on their site with 13 items approved by the American Vegetarian Association. There are some items, like the fiesta cheesy potatoes and cinnamon twists, that are “meatless” but not approved by the AVA because of the potential risk of cross-contact.