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17 Reasons Why Tina Belcher Is The Best

As a fellow fan of show “Bob’s Burger” I wanted to take a little time to talk about my favorite character…Tina. In my opinion she is one of the best characters on Bob’s Burgers because she’s relatable, hilarious, isn’t afraid to be herself, and has some seriously killer dance moves but that is just a few reasons. Read on to see my full list of reason! πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

1. Tina is a strong and confident women with a competitive side to take note of.

2. Tina is confident, stays true to herself, AND she knows how to party.

3. She loves a good thrash on a Friday night. (10/10 would recommend)

4. Tina is the ultimate flirt and always has her confidence level at an all time high.

5. Besides being hilarious and relatable, Tina is also smart and understands her self-worth. A lesson not often taught in animated comedies.

6. The boys all over Tina. Why didn’t I think of handing a boy a bunch of random numbers?

7. If you need life advice, just ask Tina. She says it how it is.

8. Tina is the expert flirt. She knows just how to get the boys.

9. Tina struts her stuff with grace.

10. She handles her coffee like a champ.

11. She picks herself up when she falls and doesn’t let anything hold her down.

12. Her flirting techniques are amazing.

13. Tina is full of positive life advice. Listen to her Bob.

14. She’s so relatable and knows what just what to do when she’s stressed. Seriously, sometimes you just gotta lay on the floor.

15. She is always keeping her cool.

16. She’s just a normal girl like you and me, but better. You’re a hero to me, Tina.

17. The last but not least reason why Tina is the best is for those outrageouslyΒ amazing dance moves.

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