Kris Holman Photography

Vintage Impromptu Photoshoot at Steak N’ Shake

Anytime that Craft Seekers Kris Holman and Jesse Sage hangout, there is a pretty good chance that there will be an impromptu photoshoot at some point. That is exactly what went down on their recent late night visit to Steak N’ Shake.

If you’ve ever seen the inside of a Steak N’ Shake, then you’re probably aware that it is like stepping back in time, to the 1950’s. Of course Kris and Jesse are not going to pass up an awesome, free location for a quick photoshoot. Jesse being a pinup model, did not hesitate to strike a few poses for Kris while they waited on their burgers to arrive. To no surprise, Jesse whipped out a pair of red, heart-shaped shades that perfectly matched the vintage red surroundings. Kris had no problem getting the shot while onlookers wondered why there is a photoshoot happening. I am sure they were thinking, “crazy millennials”!

Next time you are out with your friends, bring your camera along and have an impromptu photoshoot of your own. Be sure to tag us on Instagram so we can repost them!

Check out the photos! ?

Where are the burgers?!

Jesse spots the burgers! ?

Checking out the prizes in the vending machine! ?