JDubs Brewing Hosts Local Indie Flea Market

We stopped by JDubs Brewing over the weekend to check out the indie flea market hosted by 73 Degree Flea, where visitors could sip a beer and shop around the various vendors such as Oceanside Candles or Two Sisters Boutique. Our photographer snapped a few pics of the event for you to check out below.

Complete list of Vendors:

Blue Poppy Gallery
Ocean Born Jewelry Designs by Katie Hamm
Mystic Sisterhood
Two Sisters Boutique
Mala Back Girl
Art by Russell Starr
Lea Luna Jewelry
The Darling Market
Myakka’s Gold Apiary
Oceanside Candles
Jay Tyler Steele of Steele View Art
Lana Nonstop Artist
SRQ Dog Walk
Art Junkies
Recover T
Cat Toys by Jen
Pup Active / That Dog Ice Cream


[divider]Two Sisters SRQ[/divider]

[divider]Pup Active[/divider]
[divider]Art Junkies[/divider]

[divider]Myakka’s Gold[/divider]
[divider]The Darling Market[/divider]

[divider]Oceanside Candles[/divider]

[divider]Steele View Art [/divider]