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5 Reason To Visit Hawthorne Bottle Shoppe in St Pete, Florida

Let me start by saying, there are far more than five reasons to visit Hawthorne Bottle Shoppe but for the sake of time, I have narrowed it down.

I recently made a trip to downtown St. Petersburg for a photoshoot that I had booked with photographer Kris Holman. Our plan was to take photos in front of some of the street murals on Central Ave and make our way towards Green Bench Brewing to round off with some beer pics. However, after checking Google maps and realizing that we were with a mile of Hawthorne Bottle Shoppe, we decided to stop in. I am really happy we did. So read on for my basic list of why you should visit but if you need more, hit me up on Instagram. Also, give me beer accounts a follow and drop me a comment! @ipa & @craftbeerdestinations

Read the sign ? @bixbyfilms in front of the Hawthorne Bottle Shop logo | ?Kris Holman

1. It’s One of the Few Bottle Shops in Florida

Hawthorne Bottle Shoppe is one of only a small number (but growing) of bottle shops in Florida. A bottle shop like HBS, is an establishment where you can buy craft beer and wine bottles from around the world and you have the choice to open them up and enjoy them within the shop. There has been an uptick in bottle shops popping up in the sunshine state including the Union Beer Store in Miami and 99 Bottles Tap Room and Bottle Shop, which is set to open in Sarasota this year.

2. You Can Choose from Over 300 Bottles from Around the World

When you first walk into HBS, you will see a wall of bottles and brightly color cans to your left, with a variety of craft beer and wine. I noticed several cans from out of state breweries that I follow on Instagram, such Almanac Brewing, Tool Beer, just to name a couple. I would suggest trying the Rosé Berliner Wiess that was brewed by Hidden Springs Ale Works in collaboration with Hawthorne Bottle Shoppe. ? If you are looking for something on tap, they also have a variety of beers from breweries like J Wakefield, Aslin Brewing, Angry Chair Brewing and more. I had a NEIPA brewed with Pineapples by J Wakefield and it was great.

3. It Has a Bright & Fun Atmosphere

The first thing that I noticed when walking in (aside from their awesome logo) was how well lit the place was. There are tall windows that line the front of the shop, providing natural light and a great view of Central ave. The decor has a nicely balanced vintage and modern vibe including victorian couches and bar stools and rustic light fixtures that hang from the ceiling. In my opinion, it makes for a perfect spot to get some work done on your laptop or do some reading while enjoying a beer or two.

4. They Host Awesome Events Each Month

Being located in such a vibrant part of downtown, it only makes sense that they host some fun events for the community to enjoy, such as Biggie Brunch, coming this April.

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5. Get the Perfect Pic for Instagram

This may not be as exciting to everybody as it is to me but for those who appreciate a good setting for an Instagram photo, this place is perfect. The possibilities are almost overwhelming, in a good way. They even have a couple of plastic gold crowns that I totally couldn’t pass up. I didn’t get a shot of the porch :/ but it has great lighting and various options for photos as well.