Escape to these Caribbean Island Craft Breweries

Everyone can enjoy a nice crisp beer whilst vacationing in the Caribbean, but the question now is, “Which spot is the best?” While we may not be able to give you the end all be all of reputable craft beer breweries in the Caribbean, we can certainly narrow it down to 3 great spots to add to your itinerary.

1. Antillia Brewing Company – St. Lucia


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Starting off, we’ve got Antillia Brewing Company, located in St. Lucia. They were rewarded a Certificate of Excellence from 2016 all the way through 2019. Their reviews on their site boast about the lovely view, the friendly service, and the great taste of their craft ales and other beverages. A fan favorite is their Passion Fruit Ale. Made with all local fruit and ingredients, this Passion Fruit Ale has a nice tropical finish and refreshing fragrance, and it’s no wonder why everyone who takes a sip of it becomes enamored.

2. Leatherback Brewing Company – U.S Virgin Islands


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     Next stop is Leatherback Brewing Company, a spot in the U.S. Virgin Islands. They have a wide selection of authentic Virgin Islands craft beer made with local-grown ingredients that emphasize their message of creating a community and culture around Caribbean craft beers. Tourists are typically attracted to not only the beers, but the laid-back atmosphere and the informative tour you can opt for when you visit! Some visitors enjoy their Mango IPA, but others have a deep interest in their “Life” range of craft beers for their unique taste and fruity aromas.

3. La Taberna Lupulo – Puerto Rico


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     La Taberna Lupulo, located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, earns its place in this list due to their large selection of fifty taps and over a hundred craft beers from Puerto Rico, the U.S., and Europe. They’re the biggest craft beer bar in the Caribbean! With such a list of beers they’re serving, I’m not surprised by their immense revenue and their great reputation. Because of their extensive drink menu, it was hard to pin down a fan favorite, but their Two Hearted Ale, imported from the Pacific Northwest, has a lot of traction, and it’s obvious why since it’s got a classic malt base that’s complimented by fruity aromas from Bell’s House yeast. It’s great for any occasion!

4. Pirate Republic Brewing Co – The Bahamas


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     The Bahamas have their fair share of great craft beer spots, but the Pirate Republic Brewing Co. makes its way onto this list through its iconic pirate theme, and their proud title of being the first and only production craft brewery in the Bahamas! Their pirate theme comes from the fact that Nassau was a haven for some of the most notorious pirates in the 1700’s. Their 4 core brands also follow the same pirate theme through their names, such as Black Beer’d Stout and Island Pirate Ale. They also serve a number of seasonal and specialty drinks, just to keep every visit interesting.

5. Fireson Brewing Co – Aruba


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     Located in Noord, Aruba, Fireson Brewing Co. is well known for their small selection of their own craft beers, but their large taproom and chillax atmosphere. Their best beer is the Bao Palo IPA, hopped with galaxy mosaic, and citra, and full of flavorful ingredients such as juicy tropical fruits, passionfruit, citrus and mango. Very exotic, and very tasty. They also dabble in cocktails and spirits. Fireson Brewing Co. is family owned, and strives to not only create great beers, but promote Aruba in the local and international beer market.

6. West Indies Beer Co – Grenada


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     Next on your list should be West Indies Beer Co, which sits in Lance aux Epines, Grenada. They have 16 beers of their own year-round, as well as some great specialty and seasonal drinks! A popular choice is the Light Cider that comes in four flavors: mango, pomegranate, ginger, and watermelon. With such variety, it comes as no surprise that this company is a hit with the tourists and locals! A lot of the reviews on their site say that they are well worth a visit, so give it some thought when you find yourself in Grenada!

The next time you take a cruise to the Caribbean, be sure to check these places out! The experience will be one to remember when it comes to atmosphere, and authentic Caribbean craft beers.

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