LOUD! Hazy IPA by Almanac Brewing Company

It’s finally starting to happen… Decent hazy IPA’s are finally making it into national grocery stores and places like Total Wine. That may not be a big deal where you live but here in Sarasota, Florida, it can be difficult to find a good New England style IPA that is from out of state. I’ve recently noticed that Voodoo Ranger Juicy IPA is showing up in more stores which is great. I think it is a solid hazy that is mass distributed.

On my last trip to Total Wine, I was pleasantly surprised to find several different IPA’s including a few milkshake IPA’s, Brut IPA’s and some NEIPA’s. After scanning the isle for hidden gems, I finally landed on LOUD! Hazy DIPA by Almanac Beer Co, Orbital Tilt IPA by Captain Lawerence Brewing and a Mexican style Chocolate Stout with Coconut by Clown Shoes Beer Co. I will be doing some videos on those as well. Stay tuned. I am not really a beer reviewer but you can find a few notes about the beer below and you can also watch my video on IGTV. If you want to keep up with my daily happenings outside of beer, you can follow me on my personal Instagram.

About the Beer:

Tasting notes:

For a hazy IPA that was canned more than 3 months ago, it tasted pretty fresh. When I opened the can, I was hit by wall of tropical fruit aromas. It had a smooth, silky mouthfeel and light bitterness. I would love to try this fresh.

Brewery: Almanac Beer Co

ABV: 8.0%

IBU: 38

Hops: Dry-hopped with Mosaic and Denali

Some Photos I Took:

POV of man holding a can of LOUD! DIPA by Almanac Beer Co
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A beer can of LOUD! Hazy DIPA in a puddle of water with reflections in the puddle of water.
Taken on my iPhone X
A beer can of LOUD! Hazy DIPA in a puddle of water with reflections in the puddle of water with a blue tinted sky
Taken on my GH4 and edited using photoshop. Not as sharp as I would like.
A beer can of LOUD! Hazy DIPA and a glass of poured beer sitting on a picnic table.
Taken on my GH4. It was getting dark quickly!