Cristina Gottardi

7 Ways for An Introvert to Treat Yo Self

I recently read a quote by poet Rupi Kaur: loneliness is a sign you’re in desperate need of yourself. Lots of people need to recharge their batteries alone to feel grounded and energized, so I prepared this list of fun ways to pamper yourself, introvert style!

1. Make dinner plans… with yourself. 

It’s fun to have dinner with just you – you can choose all your favorite things! Plan what you’d like and pick up take out ahead of time if you aren’t a cook, or plan a simple (or elaborate!) recipe for yourself. A glass of champagne or sparkling cider will make you feel like you’re celebrating – and why shouldn’t the fabulousness of being you & alive on a random Tuesday (or whatever day) be worth a toast?

2. Have An Introvert Retreat 

Have a night in to yourself without having to go shopping for supplies! Curated by introverts for introverts, everything you need for a several hours of pampering comes inside of this box once a month: a book with every single month (you can select genres & interests), and then varying spa treatments, candles, treats, a little craft activity, etc.

If you’d like to try the box, use my affiliate code JESSE when you check out at – You’ll save 10% off, & my channel earns a small commission.

This is an unboxing I did this month so you can have an idea of what it comes with!  Some introverts hate to shop, and it’s really nice to have something planned by someone else for you arrive in the mail! It brings an element of surprise to opening the box that’s really relaxing. I’ve been getting these boxes for months now and I look forward to it arriving every month.

We know how much introverts need time alone to recharge our batteries. It’s just who we are — there’s nothing wrong with us, we don’t need help, and we don’t need to be told what to do. We just need some time alone with a good book or a warm bath.

-Shereen Jegtvig Lehman, founder of Introvert’s Retreat

3. Take Yourself to the Aquarium 

Aquariums are usually fairly quiet & ambient spots with lots of different coves to chill, watch creatures swim around, or just read a book in peace but with different energy than at home. Arm yourself with earbuds and a hoodie (it can get cold in there!! And earbuds ensure you can set your own ambience & block people from thinking you’re there to chat)

“They’ll look into your soul, but they won’t talk to you”

To quote Jessica Harris, a fellow CraftSeeker, the fish can respect introverted types:

4. Get Behind a Camera 

Being a photographer or videographer is a great way for an introvert to feel more comfortable when you are out and about. I like that it gives me something to focus on, and physically hold between me and other people. That may sound harsh but especially as a girl, some people seem to think my bubble should constantly be invaded! A camera seems to have the magical power of extending my bubble’s range. 


5. Yoga

Yes, yoga with a class can be great, but it can also be a little intimidating. I enjoyed yoga when I learned it from classes, but it wasn’t until I got into Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, which gave me the ability to do yoga in my own home that I really came to understand how great it is. When no one is around, I can much more easily concentrate on finding what my body needs rather than following exactly what the teacher is doing. 

(I also like that I can bring the video for my own private yoga class outside – the backyard,  park, the beach, & she even has one for at your desk I’ve used in the library study rooms.) Plus, it’s free! 

6. Setup a luxurious bubble bath 

This can also go well with tip #3 as the Introvert’s Retreat Box often contains bath bombs, salt scrubs, etc. A relaxing bubble bath with a paper back book can be just the thing to recharge your batteries (don’t have a bathtub? Play your favorite podcast in the shower!). You don’t even need to plan ahead when you need a spa night in a pinch – a honey or avocado mask you can make in your kitchen, and a splash of olive oil and your favorite perfume or essential oil will soften your skin while you soak your cares away. 


7. Go inline skating or longboarding

While this may seem like an extrovert’s activity, I love skating because it’s great exercise and fun way to enjoy nature while going faster than anyone you might come across. Even if I see someone I know, I’d have to crash to stop to talk to them! Bonus, play a podcast or music on your headphones (I usually use just one earbud so I can still be aware of my surroundings) and no one will talk to you.