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How This Brewery Gets People To Stop Scrolling!

Since Instagrams inception in 2010, the craft beer scene has exploded within the app, with communities of beer enthusiasts sharing artfully constructed photos and videos of their latest beer finds. If you search the hashtag #CraftBeer, you will be able to scroll through more than 24 million posts and that is just one hashtag. If you were to scroll through the #Beer, you would find over 65 million posts! So, you could say it is a bit of a saturated market, especially if you are looking to stand out and draw an audience of beer lovers to your page. There are many technical hacks and tips that you can do to help boost your visibility and garner a following but the best way to do that is to post great content. It should get your followers to stop scrolling and pay attention to your post.

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That is a strategy that the team behind @CalusaBrewing has become very familiar with. The team at this humble Florida brewery has been churning out scroll-stopping beer content that will have you wondering how they captured that shot. The creative minds responsible for some of the “beer throwing” photos that you see on their feed comes from Taylor Pogue (Marketing) and Benny Ray (Photographer). They created an offshoot Instagram page called @LightsCameraCalusa, where they can showcase their behind-the-scenes content from their weekly productions. Scrolling through their feed you can find out how they achieve some of their popular ghost pour and splash photos. After seeing a few of their “splash” photos, I knew that I wanted to see and record the whole process. Lucky for me, Calusa Brewing is only a short drive from my home and I am friends with Taylor and Benny, so I was able to set up a day to bring my camera out and record one of their photoshoot sessions.

When the day for the photoshoot finally arrived, I met with Taylor and Benny at brewery around 8pm eager to see what they had planned. The photos that they were shooting would be used to garner excitement for Calusa’s upcoming double can release of their signature Stormrage Double IPA and a newer Sweet Stout. Upon arrival, I was greeted with a fresh Zote IPA (one of my favorites) and given the general run down for the shoot. I sipped my beer and listened to the gameplan and then decided to break out my camera…Enjoy the video!

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