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How This Brewery Gets People To Stop Scrolling!

The Interview:

Q: Tell us a little about @LightsCameraCalusa…

A: I really wanted a minor platform to showcase the behind the scenes of our efforts in creating content for Calusa, basically for anyone who was interested in what we are doing and how. I love talking shop when I travel to beer events and wanted to bring that online in some capacity.


Q: What led to the idea to start throwing beer?

A: Benny, who I work with weekly – he’s behind the camera and I’m usually in front of it, and I saw some cool liquid photography posts along with some other breweries making splash content and thought, lets make a mess…we had some special plastic cups (B Cups) so they wouldn’t break and started from there.

Q: How many beers do you throw per photoshoot?

A: It really depends on how the first couple splashes turn out, sometimes we get a really good splash during the first toss, and others it takes some time. In the beginning we were just winging it, but now
there is some minor technique we apply to the toss and how the liquid will react. All in all it takes us (on the high end) 64oz to complete a shoot.

Q: What are some challenges to capturing a great beer throwing shot?

A: Accuracy and getting the beers to actually splash out of the vessel. Being accurate is basically placing the liquid in the frame where we want it. If there’s a couple splashes going on we have to be thoughtful as to where they’ll be. It’s challenging to place a moving splash as you can imagine, but the more we practice the more accurate we’ve been getting. The other part to accomplishing a good splash is making the vessel bounce enough to get the liquid splashed out. We usually tilt the vessel in different directions before we drop it to make the first bounce have the most power in getting the liquid out, again this is all in theory and sometimes it doesn’t work.

Q: Have you had any equipment causalities from a rogue beer splash?

A: Knocking on wood here, but we have not had any major causalities other than some wet/sticky sandals. We do have a underwater housing for Benny’s camera if we want to get really weird.

Q: Favorite photo that you guys captured?

A: The Rip & Fog Warning release. I love the reflection on the barrel and the barrel splash on the left side. Basically the B Cup bounced off of the barrel with already spilled beer and just made a splash. These little things I think make the photo.


Q: What camera/equipment do you guys use?

A: Benny uses a Fuji XT3 with either a 23 2.0 or 18-55 2.8 lens.

Q: What beer is currently drinking or the last one you had?

A: Haven’t had a beer today, but yesterday I had a couple sips of Like Minds, Farmhouse IPA from Zillicoah x Brewery Bhavana, delicious! My go-to recently as been Calusa’s Outbound German Pilsner though.