10 Simple Ways You Can Help the Earth in 2020

2. Try Buying Less Meat This Year

Even if you don’t plan to remove meat from your diet, do your best to buy less of it this year. If you are into burgers, consider trying a meatless option such as a Beyond Burger which is surprising similar to a beef burger. You can even buy Vegan Nashville Hot Chicken if you are looking for something spicy. I tried the Nashville Hot tenders and they are really good chopped up as a sandwich with vegan smoked gouda cheese. When you do buy meat, try to find a local grass feed source that has sustainable farming practices. You can simply Google your nearest butcher shop and ask then about their selection and the source of their meats. If you are wondering how eating less meat will have a positive affect on our ecosystem, it is worth doing further research into. In brief, the rise in demand for meat has also increased the demand for more land to be used for raising cattle. Which leads to deforestation and depletion of the nutrients in the soil as well as adding more methane to the environment which is produced by the cows.

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