Websites From the 90’s That We Loved

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Have you ever wondered what one of your favorite websites looked like back in the early days of the internet? We took a ride back in time using the Wayback Machine and found some great screenshots of some of the most popular websites of the 90s.

1. AOL.COM – 1998

You may know AOL as America Online with it’s infamous “dial-up loading” noise and AOL Chat but it actually started as Control Video Corporation in 1985 and had one product: GameLine, a service that hooked your Atari 2600 to your phone line to rent games for a $1. A year later the company went out of business and rebranded to Quantum Computer Services where they would continue to develop their phone line tech. Three years later, they partnered with Apple to launch a similar service called AppleLink.

After the partnership with Apple ended in 1989, Control Video Corporation rebranded to America Online. Two years later America Online for DOS was released followed by American Online for Windows a year later. From 1991-1996, users could gain access using their pay-per-hour system. It was later ditched for a monthly flat rate of $19.95. During the peak of their success they acquired Netscape, the makers of the dominant web browser of the era.

Check out this AOL Instant Messenger signup screen!