Websites From the 90’s That We Loved

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JCPenney is an iconic American department store chain that dates back to 1902 and had over 2000 stores at its peak success. Many of us can remember flipping through the holiday catalogs, circling everything that was on our wishlist. It got us thinking….when did their website come into existence? According to the Wayback Machine, people started visiting the site in on December 02, 1998 but when we clicked to see the screenshot, it gave us an error. The next screenshot was from December 12th, 1998 (shown above).

JCPenney was known for their holiday gift catalogs and the screenshot below is a page where you could order your copy.

Some of the top gifts of ’97 was a CD Shelf Stero (totally wanted that) for $199.99.

In case you didn’t get enough Solitaire on your home computer…take it with you! But wait, theres more!

If you’re more of a golf person, the Monte Carlo Tournament Golf game is perfect for you.