Halloween Short Films You Probably Haven’t Seen Yet

As we near Halloween, many of us like to binge watch our favorite spooky movies and tv shows like Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown and Rocky Horror Picture show, just to name a few. But there is a plethora of indie-made short films and animations that are often overlooked and pushed down in the search results.

We did some digging and found these spooky gems that you should add to your watchlist this year. Most of these are short and sweet and we sprinkled a few longer one in too. We hope you enjoy them and if you do, consider sharing this article and spread the Halloween vibes.

1. Trick

First on our list we have Trick, a short film about a group of teenagers hold a seance in attempts the spirits of the dead trick or treaters from an urban legend on Halloween night.

2. Polaroid

Next, we have Polaroid. You may be thinking that you know what’s going to happen but give it a chance! We were delightfully spooked. The writer/director Joey Greene did a great job of keeping the suspense going, even with a somewhat predictable plot. Does the creature give anyone else “Signs” vibes?


3. Wild Love

“Wild Love” is an animated short film that brings together comedy, cuteness and gore! If blood and guts makes you queasy, this may not be for you. The artwork is really well done and the story is a humorous way to get in the spooky spirit. Watch your back the next time you are camping!

4. Landgraves

This is a bit longer of a short film and a little more dark. It’s based on murder, so a little less fantasy and more real-world scary. It has great cinematography and builds a decent amount of suspense. It makes the list mainly for its nice cinematography and its eerie vibe.

5. Happy Halloween

We are going to end this lineup with “Happy Halloween”. The couple who produced it did a great job of using a few basic household items to build a suspenseful scene. The use of colors brings a warm, nostalgic halloween vibe to the film. You can check out their “Behind The Scenes” video here.