First Look: Calusa Brewing “The In Between” Barrel Aged Amber Sour Ale

This Friday, Calusa Brewing will release a special, limited run beer called The In-Between. Thinking of picking one up? The In Between is a mixed ferment amber sour ale aged in oak wine barrels, but we got more details from Vic Falck, owner at Calusa on this mysterious barrel aged sour beer.

“It took well over a year to make and uses a House culture of wild yeasts and bacteria to naturally develop the tart and funky flavors. Loads of boysenberries round out the fruit storm of flavors!” – Vic Falck

Sours are just one side of what Calusa does, but a very fun, more creative side. This is their 4th special sour release and they’re planning to make these releases a regular thing now!

From the bottle:

“A place of strange beauty and heavy fate. The Ferryman’s stare chills you as you inhale the scent of fresh berries and fruit. Swirling waters of deep mauve and bracing acidity carry you further down. Once the journey has begun there can be no return…”

5.2 ABV

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Artwork by William Ralston

Sarasota artist Will Ralston created the eerie label for this bottle. He’s done all of Calusa’s sour labels, collect them all 😀


calusa brewing, craft beer, sarasota craft beer,
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