10 Medieval Drinks That Became Modern

1. Ale

This was the affordable drink of choice for many people in the medieval ages, to provide nutrition and hydration. Today it is used for… er… nutrition and hydration…

a mug full of ale

Anyway, the ales in medieval England were dark and lacked today’s alcohol content, as they were not aged for months but rather produced by alewives – female manor staff – within a week and more akin to a “small ale”. Yes, men, women, and children drank ale for breakfast and nighttime, and it was widely also considered as a type of food. Towards the late medieval ages, however, ale did start getting “strength” labels – by single, double, or triple x’s.

Some ales that are really close to a medieval ale: 13th Century Ale, by Bronuts Brewery, is the most authentic; other choices: Cambridge Brewing Co. Heather Ale Weekapaug Gruit Ale.

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