10 Medieval Drinks That Became Modern

Discover 10 fascinating medieval drinks that have influenced modern beverages. Learn the history and evolution of ale, mead, cider, and more in this engaging guide.

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8. Ipocras: Medieval Mulled Wine

glasses full of mulled wine
Mulled wine – Source: Unsplash

This is another word for “mulled wine” that medievals enjoyed for dessert which still exists in parts of Europe today. It was made with white or red wine mixed with various herbs like cinnamon, cassia buds, ginger, and galingale.

One mulled wine that is still extremely popular is the sweet-and-sour German Glühwein (“glowing wine”), which is a red wine served warm and mixed with herbs and sugars. I used to drink it during the really cold winter days in Berlin, especially during Christmas time and the New Year.

Here is a link to a good German mulled wine: Wintertraum Glühwein.