10 Medieval Drinks That Became Modern

Discover 10 fascinating medieval drinks that have influenced modern beverages. Learn the history and evolution of ale, mead, cider, and more in this engaging guide.

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7. Eggnog: The Medieval Posset

Glasses of eggnog on a christmas backdrop

Eggnog was extremely beloved in the Medieval Ages, known as a Posset. Posset was a warm, creamy, ale-like drink and was the forerunner to today’s spicy eggnog. In fact, Posset was so trendy that they even had one made without cream, called a caudell. The caudell was literally wine thickened with eggs. The ingredients for eggnog – milk, eggs, wine/sherry, and figs later on – were so expensive back then that eggnog was mostly used to toast good health. It did not become a Christmas party drink until it hopped across the pond in 17th century America.

Closest to that medieval taste: None, really – let me know if there are – because these days we put rum and other hard liquors in our eggnog. But, cool medieval recipe for those medievalthusiasts out there: the Caudell Recipe.