10 Medieval Drinks That Became Modern

Discover 10 fascinating medieval drinks that have influenced modern beverages. Learn the history and evolution of ale, mead, cider, and more in this engaging guide.

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6. Sack: The Early Sherry

Traditional wine making
Wine-making. Source: Wineterroirs.com

Sack is the forefunner – er, forerunner – of our modern sherry; a white fortified wine the medieval people imported from Spain or the Canary Islands. Most sack was probably a sweet wine as it was matured in wooden barrels for a limited time only. Today, we still see sack in some sherry names, such as “Dry Sack” (Williams & Humbert brand). We also have a tastefully named “In the Sack” cocktail you can make using cream sherry.

Closest to that medieval taste: A cheap medium Oloroso sherry. Example of a medium-bodied Oloroso sherry: Dios Baco Elite Oloroso Medium Sherry.