10 Simple Ways You Can Help the Earth in 2020

It can be hard to browse the news these days without seeing a shocking headline about the current state of our environment. For example, the massive wildfires fires in the Amazon rainforest and Australia, record breaking hurricanes in the Atlantic, trash waves miles long, the list goes on. Going into a new year I wanted to establish some new habits that will help reduce my plastic use and carbon footprint as well as improve my overall lifestyle.

We all have different lifestyles, schedules and responsibilities but most of the tips that I list in this article are simply and hardly take time. If we all pitch in each day, we can make a big difference. I love hearing your suggestions and learning new ways to improve. Let me hear what you have to say by tweeting me. ✌️

1. Don’t use plastic lids on cups

Finding ways to reduce your plastic use in 2020, even if small, can really add up and make a long-term impact on the health of our planet. I will admit, it can be difficult to avoid getting plastic cups when you are on the go…but an easy way to reduce the amount you use is to skip the plastic lid and straw. If you order from the drive-thru, ask the barista or attendant to exclude the lid. A long term and more spill proof solution is to buy a travel mug and reusable straw that you can bring with you each day. I have to give credit to my friend Aneta for giving me the idea to skip the plastic lids. If you enjoy healthy lifestyle content, especially on the topics of gut health, you should check our her Instagram and if you like it, give her a follow.

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