couple enjoying coffee at a table

26 Things About Coffee You Wish You Did (And Didn’t) Know

6. A lot of coffee is psychoactive

You can hallucinate things, and 100 cups of coffee within 4 hours is lethal. To you.


7. There are two coffee bean types: Arabica and Robusta

About 70% of people in the world consume Arabica, and only about 30% Robusta, which has much more caffeine.

8. Coffee was the first commodity to be freeze-dried

Coffee was a favorite staple of the pioneers on the wagon trail back during America’s pioneering age.

9. Coffee comes from the Arabic ‘qahhwat al-bun’; ‘which means ‘wine of the bean’

And, talking about not sleeping, the religion of Islam in the early days prohibited drinking, but allowed coffee. The rise of Islam contributed greatly to the popularity of coffee. The word ‘qahwa’ then became ‘kahve’ when borrowed by the Turks… then borrowed by the Dutch as ‘koffie’ and then became ‘coffee’ for the English.


10. The first European coffee shops were established by Armenians.

The drink became popular in America during the Boston Tea Party.