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26 Things About Coffee You Wish You Did (And Didn’t) Know

16. The ‘lion’ President Teddy Roosevelt was rumored to drink a gallon of coffee daily.

Supposedly coining the term “Good to the last drop!” that Maxwell House uses.


17. The year 1956 is the year the coffee house era rose, in areas like North Beach in San Francisco, CA, and Greenwich Village, NY.

Intellectuals, poets, jazz enthusiasts, and other revolutionaries of philosophy and politics come together over coffee and espresso. The rise of coffee houses gave rise to the counter-culture of Beatniks, Bohemians, and other free thinkers who rebelled against tradition, giving way to the cultural, sexual, and political revolutions of the 1960s. And all because of coffee. ☕️

18. Coffee Aroma and Smell Addiction

Sometimes people love the smell of coffee even more than the taste; and this is because the smell signals to the brain that caffeine is on the way. Researchers have identified 800 compounds in coffee, many of those tied to scent. Humans associate these smells with stimulation, which causes a good mood. But, other research suggests there are also carcinogenic compounds in some coffees. Moving right along:

A recent study (but there will always be more recent ones, keep in mind) found that drinking 3-4 cups of coffee can reduce risk of cirrhosis by 65%. It can also help you lose weight, as it can increase your metabolism by 11%. It can also help with: depression, type 2 diabetes, breast/endometrial/prostrate/and liver cancers, and for older people, gout. This is not a cure, though! But hey, how nice to know! #drinkscoffee



19. Coffee is a fruit.

The bean is the pit of red berries, and green until roasted. Actually, even though darker beans are stronger in taste, the darker the roast, the less energy it appears to give you. That is what they mean when they say the Dark Side of the Force.

 20. The world consumes about 1.6 billion cups of coffee every day.

And if that strikes you as a lot, then know that…the average American consumes enough coffee in a year to kill a horse. But, rest assured, next time you hoard the coffee or need de-motivation to stay away from your daily gallon, know that  20% of office coffee mugs contain fecal bacteria. Statistically speaking.

21. It takes about 4,700 oz. (37 gallons) of water to make just one cup of coffee… if you count in the entire process.

But many coffee farmers make only about four cents of coffee pound that they harvest. 🤯

22. The International Olympic Committee banned caffeine in competitions

One (of countless) reasons I’d never make it.


23. Drinking coffee/caffeine will not sober you up.

But water will.

24. Drinking coffee can inhibit the growth of the bacterium that causes halitosis (bad breath).

But it does stain the teeth.

25. How about coffee as a bath lotion?

The Japanese think of everything. This includes the Yunessun Spa Report in Hakone in the Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan that allows you to bathe in coffee, red wine, green tea, and if you are having a fancy day,you can also try soaking in ramen noodles.

A red wine bath to rejuvenate skin, as liked by Cleopatra, at your Yunessun Spa. I couldn’t find a coffee photo. Source:


26. Want to celebrate your coffee-ism? These are your worldly coffee holidays:

  • Costa Rica – September 12
  • Japan – October 1
  • Ireland – September 19
  • And do note that Coffee Day in the United States in September 29. I would like to add please drink responsibly, but how cheesy is that!


There are many more different facts on coffee… but for the time being, I will end this all as it began. With a picture of a goat.

Just kidding….I meant this one! The dancing goat who first ate coffee beans.

From begin to finish; for some. Source:

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